Resolutions for a City

Happy New Year, Citizens!  What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Lose 5 pounds.  Exercise regularly.  Learn a new language.  Those are nice goals to fine tune the edges of our already blessed lives.

But they’re not enough.

Because the goals we achieve as individuals don’t aim high enough.  We need each other to achieve true greatness.

This year, let’s resolve to expect more of ourselves as a community. Let’s resolve not to look the other way from wrong-doing.  Let’s resolve not to accept “the way it’s always been” for “the way it’s supposed to be.”  Let’s resolve to stand up, speak-up and defend the values we hold most dear:  equal opportunity, fair application of existing laws, true democracy that can not be purchased for any price, integrity of process, dignity and compassion for all of us.

We deserve the best, Cincinnati.  But fundamental principles can’t be compromised to get there. 

Let 2015 be the year when we stand together for what we believe.  We have the power to restore meaning to the American dream.  All we lack is the resolve.

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