My Final Words on Groceries in the City (repost from Annette Januzzi Wick)

Thank-goodness – somebody with some sense finally speaks up for the Kroger’s on Vine.

Gettin' My City On

After eight months of living in the city of Cincinnati, a question persists from all kinds of friends and associates living in the inner or outer rings. “So you love living in the city, but where do you grocery shop?”

Elm-Street-EsplanadeBefore I answer the question, I sit back and assess. Is the question coming from a place of curiosity, naiveté or fear? Usually, it’s a combination of the three.

People who have a general curiosity about living in the city are also accustomed to shopping at Costco or Sam’s or Harper’s Point Kroger or Meijer. They genuinely want to know, Where do you grocery shop? Do you walk? They want to know the mechanics. Do you drive there? If you purchased huge quantities, like one might at Meijer, how would you get everything home? I don’t. Shop like I did at Meijer, that is. (Disclaimer, when all four adult children…

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