What’s in a name? Or 109 of them?


Developers have lots of reasons they don’t want people to know they own properties. So they register companies under lots of different names.  Journalist friends warned me how hard it is trace ownership, but I had no idea until I stumbled on a listing for 302 Plum, LLC and went to the Ohio State Business Filing Portal to do a name search.  If you look at the articles of incorporation, sometimes you can figure out the big kahuna behind the obscure name.

This time I hit the mother-load.  Not only did I find the Articles of Incorporation from 2002.  There was another document filed the following year for name and address change/limited liability partners.  This one included 12 pages of name changes and it was easy to figure out I was looking at the history of names used by Al Neyer, Inc. prior to 2003.  Richard D. Herndon of 3500 Red Bank Road is the listed agent for all of them.  Here they are:

302 Plum, LLC.

Griffin-Fletcher LLP

Tipton Properties

Consolidated Properties

Herndon Engineering Services

TWS, Inc.

Woodward Construction

Hagage Properties

Tipton Retail Properties

FMS Properties

Dayton Investment Group

Cincinnati Capital Properties

Portfolio Properties

Color Products, Inc.

Cincinnati Construction Management

Winchester Investments – Cole, Inc.

Traditions Investments – Pierce, Inc.

Historic District Development, Inc.

Stable Trails Community Association

Fish Head Properties LTD

Madi, Inc.

Yankee Trace Development, Inc.

Tipton Interests

Tipton Holdings Limited Partnership

Hungry Dog Enterprises

Neyer Properties, Inc.

Lone Wolf, Inc.

Harrison Square Associates, LP

Retail Land Limited Partnership

Tipton Retail Properties LP

Historic District Development LP

Ward’s Corner Business Association

Jackson Center Associates LP

Sports Express LTD

Portfolio Properties – I LTD

The Woodford Family Limited Liability

LH Interests, Inc.

Jammer Products

Mariemont Hearing Center, Inc.

Waterstone Owners Association

Retail Land LP

Smith Properties LTD



Pharm Dog I LTD

Tipton Family Properties LTD

Stonegate Real Estate LTD

Village Green Associates LLC

Haglage Construction, Inc.

Properties of Terra Firma, Inc.

Downtown Lawrenceberg Development, Inc.

Whispering Pines of Clermont Co, LTD

Fox Trails of Clermont Co, LTD

2K Ventures, LTD

Shawness Exchange Co. Inc.

Legendary Trails LTD

JJW Investments, LTD

Streetcar Plaza LLC

TWM Properties II LTD

TWM Properties III LTD

Woodlawn Center LLC

Plumb Properties of Clermont County

Neyer Properties Design Group

RLL Ohio 2, LTD

Properties of Terra Firma, Campbell Co. LTD

2K Ventures – Glencrossing, LTD

Northbend Crossing Condominium Owners Association, Inc.

Village Shops Limited, LLC

Smith-French Properties, Inc.

Neyer Properties Acquisitions, LTD

Candlewood Apartment, LLC

Turfway Office Partners No 47 LLC

Edward T. Kennedy LP

Anchor Terra Firma

M&M Commerical Real Estate, LLC

Green Preserve, LLC

Woodford Apartments, LLC

Ecco Investments, LLC


Tipton-Colonel Glenn, LTD

Custom Contracting, Inc.

BCC Bowling Green, LLC

BCC Logan Sport, LLC

BCC Benton Harbor LLC

BCC Sandusky, LLC

7125 Industrial Row Rd. LTD

Jasper Development, LLC

Turfway Office Partners, No. 59 LLC

Turfway Office Partners, No. 49 LLC

Terra Firma Associates,LLC

GAM Commercial Real Estate, LLC

Galloway Crossing, LLC

Handman Associates, LLC

Fox 75, LLC


CMC Cold Spring Development LLC

Kings/71 LLC

Cincinnati Galleria LLC

Sebesy Brothers Investment LTD

Vision Development at Jeffersonville I LLC

7 thoughts on “What’s in a name? Or 109 of them?

  1. Andrews, Cindi

    Neyer Properties is completely separate and different from Al Neyer, FYI.

    Cindi Andrews Cincinnati Enquirer/cincinnati.com Sent from my iPhone

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      Thanks, Cindi. Clearly this is an important distinction that I (we, the community) need to understand. Al. Neyer is the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)? And Neyer Properties is privately owned? or is it visa-versa? — I’ll go see if I can figure it out – but if you have any hints, don’t be shy.

  2. Julie Zavon

    Why do developers not want people to know they own properties?

    Often firms change names following a merger or acquisition, or a divested part of a company will take on a different name. Do these names changes represent this kind of activity, or what questions do these name changes raise for you?

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      The honest answer is, “I don’t know, Julie” But I do know this is important to understand.

      The most obvious reason for disguising identities is during the property acquisition stage when a developer is trying to buy up several parcels. They don’t want to run up the price on future purchases by tipping their hand.

      But I can see things in the records that don’t follow this pattern. What got me interested was looking at the property tax records for 302 W. Third, the AL. NEYER (important distinction I am starting to understand) development. Shawnee Exchange Company buys it in 2000. The building transfers to the name of Al Neyer 5 months later. In 2003 there’s a name change to 302 Plum LLC, which is when dunnhumby moves in and a deal is cut with city development for abatement for the property owner and dunnhumby gets 75% of the income taxes back for the 106 jobs they promise to bring to Cincinnati (they do – and even triple that amount). In 2006 the name goes to TIC West Third St. LLC and seems to be divided down by floors. All the names can be traced to Neyer Properties – AL Neyer is associated with this stuff, though, aren’t they? – except for TIC W. Third – which according to the Ohio State site documents is now using a registration service to completely obscure all identity.

      And all that reconfiguration has nothing to do with land acquisition, does it?

      1. Zachary Schunn

        There are many Neyers, and my understanding is many of them don’t like to have anything to do with the others. Also, not sure what Village Green has to do with Neyer.

        And do keep in mind, there are likely different partners with different stakes in many of these LLC’s. It’s obviously important to keep investor groups separate as different properties sell and/or go belly-up.

        That said… yes, that’s a lot of holding companies.

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      Paul, you are so kind to call my work journalism. But it’s not. I’m a blogger – a citizen trying to better educate myself about how the city invests our money. I can make mistakes real journalists aren’t allowed to make. I can edit my posts. I can relentlessly focus on a single issue whereas reporters have to watch everything. I can ask questions – and use the answers I get from really smart readers. What I hope is to help inform professionals, point them in the right direction, make mistakes so they don’t have to – and TOGETHER – bloggers and traditional media outlets can keep democracy alive and well in Cincinnati.


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