Ghosts of the Rhine (by the delightfully unusual Jerry Kathman)

Jerry Kathman is President and Chief Executive Officer of LPK, the largest independent brand design agency in the world with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.   But I didn’t know that when I sat down next to him at a salon put together by Terry Grundy, connector-extraordinaire, last month at the Urban Design Center in Corryville.   As far as I knew Jerry was just another somewhat eccentric Cincinnatian – you know the type – really smart and loves his city so much he writes papers about its history for fun.  I asked him if I could share this one with cincyopolis readers and he kindly agreed.









1 thought on “Ghosts of the Rhine (by the delightfully unusual Jerry Kathman)

  1. paulgibby

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve met Jerry and know his tastes are far-ranging and eclectic. He seems to be a real Renaissance man (e.g. I first heard him singing folk songs and playing guitar.) This article also brings to mind how more racist, yet similar, was the reaction to the Japanese — and their being imprisoned in camps. And today, how do we feel about people who could be jihadists?


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