The Hole Watch 9/14/2015

If you are interested in construction and amazing feats of human engineering, the Lytle Park Hole is a fascinating project and today Pike Street is closed to make room for the concrete pumping machinery.  

This $29 million project is a replacement of the ventilation fans, lighting and fire systems, mandated by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Here are the schematic drawings I borrowed from Randy Simes’ most excellent post in UrbanCincy last May:


The dotted line is the tunnel passing through the far west corner of the construction area.


This shows the new ventilation room along the northbound tunnel wall and a lot of ventilation openings.

This is what’s going on today, after 3 1/2 months worth of work on a two year project:


The concrete is running through the skinny blue arm and reaches all the way to the far side of the hole.


Isn’t that neat?


The gray wall is the existing 1-71 tunnel, the northbound lane.

I just can’t match-up the schematics of the underground plan with the concrete pour.


As we like to say in Lytle Park Historic District, “It’s a damn big hole.”

IMG_2343 IMG_2341

3 thoughts on “The Hole Watch 9/14/2015

  1. Craig Hochscheid

    Why such a big hole for ventilation? Possibly related question: where are they going to park all of the cars at the new hotel? Enquirering minds want to know.

  2. SO

    What’s shown on the schematic matches up pretty well to what the pics show. It’s a big underground room with 4 large fans for the tunnels. No mystery here, guys


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