(drum roll please) the new cincyopolis

Cincinnati, meet Daniel Tonozzi, the new editor of cincyopolis.  


He’s got a PhD in History.  And he cooks.  His job is to invite new voices to the cincyopolis platform and co-ordinate events that bring real human beings together in rooms across the city to share ideas about building a better city.  

Here’s the way Daniel explains his position in our experiment in civic exploration:

“cincyopolis has, since its inception, followed the urban adventures of one professional citizen. The purpose of this chronicle has been to raise public awareness of the city’s role in commercial real estate deals and to encourage an inclusive dialogue about the civic goals and benefits of those deals. It is now a natural and logical step for cincyopolis to become a forum for that public and a conduit for multiple voices to be heard. One professional citizen, after all, does not a strong and vibrant community make.

To that end, cincyopolis is pleased to welcome a new format along with the new year. As we move forward into 2016, the blog now boasts a staff that has doubled in size. The professional citizen publisher now finds herself supported by an amateur civilian editor who admits that real estate jargon seems more opaque at times than any foreign language he has ever learned. Undaunted by the task ahead and eager to learn, the team will continue to rely on readers’ support, insight, and vigilance as we clear a path through to the greater good and the positive development of our city.

Please know that you are welcome – indeed encouraged to be an active and vocal part of this new year. cincyopolis already relies on you to help us maintain our accuracy and our efficacy through your thoughtful responses to the blog posts, and we will continue to do so. We now also look forward to the ways in which your written contributions will motivate, inform, and inspire fellow readers. Guest posts, freelance columns, and featured stories will advance our mission of community awareness and civic participation as they broaden the coverage of cincyopolis.

Happy New Year, Cincinnati! We’re here to make it a good one.”


Economic Development is about more than buildings.  At its core, it’s about the investments we make with taxpayer money to improve the lives of all of us who live in this community.  Make sure that your voice is part of the conversation about how we spend that money and what we value, the kind of city we want to be.  

Our first event this year is the Guest Blogger Invitational on Wednesday, January 27th, 7 pm at MOTR at 1345 Main St. in Over-the-Rhine.  Come find out how to be a more active participant in our local democracy and make yourself heard.  


10 thoughts on “(drum roll please) the new cincyopolis

  1. Mary Lambert

    Happy New Year to Cincyopolis. I think expansion of this enterprise was inevitable (almost said “inedible” thiinking about “and he cooks!”) and will provide more credibility by sheer numbers because one person can always be painted as wearing the tin foil hat.

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      I’m excited, Mary. It was kind of lonely putting myself out there and I can’t wait to hear what other smart, caring, intelligent citizens think about what’s most important in this city and how to make it happen.

  2. Chip Kussmaul

    I don’t know if you folks are always right, but I do know you’re always honest. Keep up the good work!

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      cincyopolis is re-inventing how we gather information and educate ourselves as a community. Old School journalism was a pretty passive affair. As the capacity of that industry shrinks due to changes forced by the internet, we’ve got to do things differently and this blog is more of a wikipedia approach. So – Chip – we may not always be right (these are tough, complicated issues that the status quo prefers not see the light of day) — but dang-straight — we’re always honest. An open, transparent process as we inch our way to the truth is what’s important, don’t you think?

  3. Marc Raab

    Will Daniel Tonozzi be bringing some of that yummy food with him to the Guest Blogger Invitational™? I mean….wow!

    LOVE the Cincinnati flag on the wall, BTW. I remember when I first placed that flag on my pole….not only did my neighbors not know that was the city flag, they didn’t even know we had a flag to begin with.

  4. tbwenzl

    One of you might come to the Women’s City Club at 11:30 this Friday; wage theft is an economic development issue, also, as it hinders low wage folks from benefiting from the so-called ‘development’ downtown.  the Workers’ Center will be talking about a City Council initiative that David Mann is supporting – and he’ll be there. Thurman Wenzl 

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    1. executivedreamer Post author

      The date’s on my calendar, tb. Brennan Grayson (executive director of the Worker’s Center) is a friend to cincyopolis and has been keeping us informed as to this exciting legislation that came about due to increased awareness of Cincinnati’s subsidy of buildings. See you Friday.

    1. executivedreamer Post author

      I’m getting back up on the horse, Granola Shotgun. This issue is too important to be so dependent on the ups and downs of any one person’s life. As you saw in that Board of Revision hearing the day we met, I refuse to be intimidated out of asking the questions that need to be asked. But to prompt real change – it always takes the village.


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