Andy Shenk – World Traveler, Cincinnati Commuter

Today, cincyopolis introduces a new writer – Andy Shenk.  View More:

Andy was born in Springfield, OH, and spent a good portion of his youth living in Russia.  Despite the geographic distance of his childhood, Andy stayed loyal to his native soil and grew up a huge Reds and Xavier fan.  He dreamed of one day living in Cincinnati. In 2014, he and his wife Nikki made it happen. They now live in the Mt. Adams neighborhood and opened LINGER, a flower studio based in Covington, KY.

After several years of globetrotting, the two are very happy with their new home.  Andy talks fondly about his adopted home.  “To my delight, I discovered a city that exceeded every expectation,” he says with an eager smile.

When asked to give three fun facts about himself, Andy responds, “I love basketball.  I’m a Russian-English translator, and I’m obsessed with learning everything I possibly can about Cincinnati.”


1 thought on “Andy Shenk – World Traveler, Cincinnati Commuter

  1. Dave

    Welcome to Cincinnati! One way to deal with early or late operation of buses is to use Bus Detective, Transit or any of the other apps who now use Metro’s real-time information. I’m a frequent rider so I use Bus Detective most since I know which routes I am looking for, but if you are a new rider Transit provides a trip-planning feature. I have been using them since they came out and both are pretty darn accurate, especially away from the central business district. They even provide TANK info, altho it’s not real-time, only scheduled time. Transit also provides Uber and Red Bike info, so it’s pretty thorough. Give them a try!


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